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Here at the 7773 Foundation, we are committed to a single goal-we strive to make the world a better place. Founded by Steven "Coop" Cooper in August of 2014, the 7773 Foundation continues to be driven by the same values that initially inspired our Nonprofit Organization. These values include generating funds; assisting other organizations; and providing opportunities, educating and empowering today's youth.

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Maui Trip - Jordan Nelson - 7773-5

Our Mission

To Empower and Enrich the lives of our Youth through opportunities for a brighter future and to strengthen our community.


2015 P90D TESLA

Jordan Nelson


2019 Dribble Across America


The 2019 Dribble Across America will be Coop's second journey across America. This one however is a little unique as it is segmented and started in March at the Key West to the Women's Final 4. The dribble-run will last over 4 months and cover 3,500+ miles. Coop will begin the next segment at Mercedez Benz Stadium where the Men's 2020 Final Four will be held. Coop will dribble through the 7 main land universities that will be attending the 2019 Maui Invitational. Coop will be announcing the winner of the 2015 P90D Tarheel Tesla, that supported him on his 2016 & 2019 Dribble Across America, October 13th, after he dribbles across the finish line of the Maui Marathon. 

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